Scrap Car Prices

Scrap Car Prices are determined by the value of scrap metal at anyone time, this is why scrap car prices can fluctuate from week to week or even day to day.  We pay fair prices for scrap cars and great prices for cars that are less than ten years old.

When we give you a quote for your scrap car rest assured this is the amount that you will receive on removal, we do not haggle when we collect your scrap car. We do take some other factors into account when giving you a price for your scrap car, such as..

  • Does the scrap car have alloy wheels?
  • Is it a scrap car or could it be repaired and sold?
  • What is the overall weight of the scrap car?
  • Is it a car that we can get parts off to sell?

Getting a valuation on your scrap car is easy, just fill out the online form or call our 0800 112 0024 or 07733 196 268, and we will get a scrap car price for you today!