Scrap your car: Kent

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Scrap Car Collection in Kent

scrap carsScrap Car Biz is a well-established network of scrapyards and drivers situated across England and Scotland including Kent and the Canterbury area. We are orientated around assisting customers with our scrap car collection service, taking in vehicles in various conditions including non-runners, damaged vehicles and generally unwanted vehicles.  Our objectives revolve around providing a simplistic and efficient process for our customers; we want to make scrapping your car as stress free as possible!

Please note, whilst scrap cars are taken in various conditions throughout the Canterbury area, shells are generally not accepted. Other metals deemed to be ‘scrap’ – copper wire, appliances, etc – will also not be taken in. Although vehicles are collected on a regular basis, we do not sell the parts onward. If you are unsure as to whether your scrap car in Kent will be taken, do give us a call on 0800 610 1061 or 07377 625 805.

Money for Cars

If you are looking to dispose of your scrap car in Kent, we can provide assistance. After all, if the vehicle is unwanted, why not get paid a bit of money for its disposal? The price which can be offered for the vehicle will be dependent upon the condition, age and current Canterbury scrap prices. Once an agreed value is settled upon and the vehicle is collected, payment will generally be made via direct bank transfer or cheque – it is now illegal to pay cash!

Kent Scrap Car Quotes

cash for scrap carsNot only do we offer money for scrap cars in Kent, but our quotes are completely free with no obligation to accept. Due to this, feel free to contact us to determine how much you could be offered if the process went ahead. We pride ourselves in always aiming to offer competitive rates for vehicles whilst offering an efficient collection service, so why not find out what you could be offered?

In addition to providing scrap car quotes – which are free and no obligation – a free collection service is also offered! This includes no hidden administration costs, so we pay what we say! With the free collection service offered, sometimes same day scrap car collection in Kent can be offered. Should there be no slots available for a same day scrap car collection service, another date and time suited to your needs can be arranged. Since pride is taken in providing an efficient and reliable service, we aim to be punctual with our collection service, turning up at the agreed time.

Legal Vehicle Collection

Ensuring that our process is entirely legal for our customers is crucial for us, which is why we carry out the necessary procedures to ensure that all our drivers in Kent are fully licensed waste carriers. Upon the collection of your scrap car, our drivers will fill in the necessary paperwork to help validate the legal disposal of the vehicle.

To ensure that payments are finalised in a fully legal manner, payments will usually be made via direct bank transfer or cheque since it is now illegal to pay cash in most circumstances.